Monday, March 3, 2008

One Man’s Advice on Dating

I was reading a male blog today who was offering up advice on being “a successful dating machine”. It’s always humorous to listen to men talk about dating, as you generally forget that men might have thoughtful discussions on courting women. Normally I would envision a discussion on how to get a girl to be something along the lines of, “Dude, did you hook up?”
“No. She told me she wanted to take it slow.”
“Too bad, she was hot. Maybe her blonde friend would go out with you.”
“Yeah, maybe. Should we play Wii?”
I know this is a blatant and lame stereotype, but I place full blame on the media for brainwashing me into such harsh judgment.

His advice was that a successful male dating machine must possess the following:
Confidence- having confidence can make you appear attractive, even if you have a face that causes seizures
Attractiveness- actually being attractive can do wonders for your confidence

He then goes on to explain that women have tests of spotting fake confidence. Her test is that she will ignore you for the entire time she knows you. He goes on to assert that this is a classic confidence test, easily overcome by constant attention and talking to them, even if they appear disinterested or annoyed.

Interesting theory my friend.

I will admit, again a typical stereotype, but women will play hard to get here and there, but I would suggest that if at the beginning junctures of dating your woman of interest ignores and appears annoyed, that she doesn’t actually like you. I mean, don’t they have the male version of “She’s Just Not That Into You?”. If I don’t want to talk to you, and am annoyed when you try and talk to me, roll my eyes, or hide behind a plant when you come around…I don’t think I like you. I know as a woman I am a conniving game player, but that’s a lot of energy to test a man’s confidence.

Perhaps he should change his advice? Perhaps it should be that a dating machine must possess Confidence with a Permit To Carry. Confidence and ignorance are a dangerous combination.

I won’t attack his advice on being attractive. He’s got that part right.