Monday, May 24, 2010

There's a Good Chance I'm Immature

Realized this weekend that there's a good chance I may be immature. I mean, I watch The Bachelorette. I drink more than one cocktail every weekend and have actually puked from a hang over in recent months. Gotten in girl fights. I eat granola bars and almonds for most of my meals. I killed four very easy plants in less than a month during my attempt to become domestic and appear less like a single male bachelor. All behavior most people my age have shed. Interesting considering for most of my life people have commented on the fact I acted older than my age. Somehow I've regressed. So what do I do? Probably can't force maturity. Has to happen naturally. Or I move to LA so I can fit in.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Great Boyfriend Experience Game

I have a new brilliant idea for a board game that is not only entertaining, but practical and educational for any young woman/man about to enter the dating world. And for all those people who have never touched a board game- well, you're missing out- and, it could easily be changed into a Nintento Wii game or virtual whatever to maximize usability cross-generations.

The game? The Great Boyfriend Experience. The purpose? To survive dating in your lifetime with a healthy attitude and no real emotional scars. Similar to the game of Life but with some properties of Monopoly, the players will go through their dating life and compete to get out ahead, and alive, at the end. Because dating is always a roll of the dice, players will roll the dice to see where they land on the board and have to do the appropriate action. You may land on "You chose to be a rebound girl" and go back 5 spaces. Or, you may land on "When he started getting mysterious texts late at night (not from you) you cut him loose right away" and you gain $10 in emotional stability currency. There will be challenge cards where you must be forced to pick the correct answer, challenging your ability to react to dating dilemmas, which if you answer incorrectly you could lose all your precious emotional stability currency you've acquired. Because you see ladies and gents- one wrong turn in the dating world and you can lose any and all sensibility you've built up for, say, the last 15 years. It's a slippery slope.

Look for it at your local Target in 2012.