Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Past Lives in a Dead Hard Drive

When people tell you to back up your computer, they really mean it. Serious they are. This is one of those rare instances that fall into actual proven advice that you should follow and not ignore. Not until the Apple Genius with unnaturally spiky hair started lecturing to me like a 3 year-old while he explained the importance of backing up your files did I realize I had lost everything. And I mean everything. Not a mp3, jpeg, word file left in the house of Girl Twentiesh's MacBook. Totally blank. Guess my ex would be happy about the super clean filing system and desktop I now have due to the fact I have nothing. I should take a screenshot and impress him with my drastic improvements. So basically it's as if there were a fire. With no insurance to collect.

How does this make me feel? Sad to have lost precious photos I can't get back. Annoyed I have to somehow recollect the 10,000 songs I had acquired. Pretty sick about the countless writings, thoughts, projects I can no longer claim. But other than that...I feel pretty clean. Maybe an unintentional fresh start is a good thing?

So kids, keep in mind from a girl who knows:
1. Drunk driving is bad bad bad
2. Get good grades in high school and college
3. Workout for sanity and health and in case you need to defend yourself
4. There is such a thing as too many Red Bull vodkas
5. Guys have feelings too
6. Your best friends are your best friends, and they'll never let you down
7. You need to work hard to get places
8. If a guy orders a frozen drink and he's not in Mexico or Hawaii, stay away
9. If it sounds bad when you say it out loud- it is
10. Back up your files on your computer

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No Limit to Public Embarrassment: The Bachelor

Literally watched the television last night with my mouth hanging wide open in disbelief. After an early morning 3.5 hour drive home and a long weekend packed full I thought best to take it easy and indulge in a magazine reading/television watching night. Thought I'd check out how our most recent bachelorette was faring on The Bachelorette. Found her to be way less annoying than previous contestants, and the men were actually cute, but how anyone believe it's "real" is beyond me. Regardless, somehow the show ended with an interview with former Bachelor Jake and his recently split from fiance where they decided it would be cool to have a heated couples fight on national television. This, my friends, was real. Nobody could script with total accuracy the way a completely disgruntled couple with complete disrespect, emotional selfishness and pure idiocy fights. Imagine two 4 year olds having temper tantrums in adult outfits, and basically you have what I saw on television last night. It took personal embarrassment to a staggering new level. And they did it on television. On purpose. If there were ever a time to ask WTF it would be now. Being in a bad relationship is tough enough to admit and get over the far sightedness and poor poor judgement, but making your behavior the business of the rest of America? If I saw myself like that on television I would take the first plane to the most uncivilized country and ban myself there for all of eternity.

Then again, I should be really embarrassed to admit I watched the show and was affected so much I had to write about it.