Friday, August 1, 2008

The Unreality of Reality

Yesterday my mind felt clouded with distractions. It was like I had so many things on my mind that I couldn’t actually focus on anything. People were texting and facebooking me all day. I was confused by a myriad of male relationships I’m involved in which none seem to make any sense of have any ends to the means. It was then it hit me…none of this is real!

Think about how much of your day is spent dealing with fiction or halfway communications. Social networking is this distant, black hole of a realm where information is exchanged across cables and databases and airwaves. Relationship troubles mostly stem from that blank space where words get lost and mixed around between your mouth and the air between the receiver. Or in my case, all these boys in my life texting and calling and meeting me for drinks…but none of them really viable for a real relationship (in my mind anyway). Worry about money? Guess what, that’s not real either! Some water, papyrus and green dye created by man to trade goods rules most of our distress when we could easily do away with money and I’m sure people, animals, shelter and water would still exist.

Then, you get home at night and are forced to watch reality shows. I’m confused as to how it is “reality”? I don’t know anyone who organically leads a life where they stand on a stage everyday and sing or dance in competition with a host and cameras and get voted off. I mean, did I miss something? Is this what they do in Montana?

What is my point exactly? I’m not sure. But I think at any age,our twenties especially, we become fixated on making sense of this life swirling around us when by close examination most of it is made up crap. What's real is the fingernail polish so severely chipped on my nails that I look like I've been through Nam.

My apologies. I promise to bring the humor back on Monday.