Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Luck Should Be Given Out Evenly

Do you ever feel like some people have all the luck? I'm not sitting in a corner saying "woe is me" or anything, but I kinda feel like luck should be dished out a little more evenly. Or at least given to those who deserve it. But it seems like people hoarding all the luck steer on the side of not really being worthy of it all. And you know they know it! They walk around with a twinkle in their smile that says, "I am totally the luckiest bastard in the world and I'm gonna run for it!" It all makes me extremely suspicious that karma or fate or any of those excuses we use to explain life actually deserve any merit at all. And I'm not talking about any of that crap like, "I'm lucky to be alive" and "I'm lucky to have family"- we're talking about REAL luck here. Like people who fall into jobs that they never should have had, people who have these lifestyles of ease and breeze that did nothing but stumble upon luck to get it, and super models who were born perfect (a Victoria's Secret commercial just came on) and therefore have power over the world.

Uh, maybe I should just be happy I'm not Sandra Bullock.


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Jessabelle said...

*random comment*

I kinda agree with you there. Luck hasn't been on my side for I can't remember how long, but after a broken nose (three months ago) a torn knee muscle (two months ago) and a bruised foot (two days ago) -I'm still recovering from all three, not to mention personal trouble with friends and family and jobs alike- I've actually kind of had it. Totally.

Sorry. I guess I needed to vent?
Love your blog, by the way. If I haven't mentioned that at some point in time already.

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