Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Curious World of Time Traveling

Occupations I’ve held would suggest I am a young(ish) woman of great productivity and efficiency. The ability to actually put a show on television in the insane & ridiculous “world” of live 24-hour home shopping TV proved an amazing feat. And believe me, the conditions made me question whether sobriety on the job was wise or not. I’d be scheduled in 4 meetings at one time while directors grabbed me in the halls, lawyers called my phone (both desk & cell), hosts in hair rollers demanded I transcribe hours of notes on their voicemail all the while trying to get everything ready for 20 or so hours of television that week. Somehow, I always got it done. Sometimes I even went to Target for an hour or so during the day. I’m pretty sure I ate lunch a couple times. And in the end of my days, I always took a minute to look at Perez. A girl needed some laughs.

Yet in my personal life, I’m like a statue in a sculpture garden moving only with the earth’s plates or wind nudges. Or a woman moving through a world of quicksand. I own no pets, no plants, and no children. But I can barely find time to get anything done. Laundry? That’s like quarterly thing for me. And it is- I swear to you- not out of laziness. I seem to have a very productive and well managed time scenerio: I wake up at 5:30, am at work by 7:00, work the job from 7am to 4pm, workout from 4:30-6:30pm (this is required or Dr. Oz says I’ll die), have my time from 6:30-10:00pm. Of course, part of which is swallowed by commute. So in reality, I have a whopping 3 hours per day to get all the things I want to accomplish in my life done. Finish my book. Volunteer. Be a wonderful aunt. Dote on my boyfriend. Hang out with my friends. Watch Top Chef. Write a blog. Paint my nails (thats a serious joke if you've ever laid eyes on these ghastly things). Do laundry. Figure out the meaning of life. Do my taxes. Make paella. Wonder where in the world I’ve been time traveling to the last 6 years since I graduated college.

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