Friday, March 6, 2009

It's The Little Things, Part II

Recently due to my slightly unfortunate turn of events, several little things have brought me great amounts of happiness. The following event occurred in the last few days that made me feel really really good. I am concerned about my mental state:

I thought before my health insurance ran out I'd get my eyes checked. I wear glasses when I drive, but I also can't really seem to see most things very clearly. I expected the worst. I expected the doctor to look at me, shake his head, and tell me I'm a pathetic carrier of eyeballs. To stare at me in amazement- how could a twentysomething have such terrible eyesight? She's a disgrace! Instead, much to my surprise, the following happened:

After the eye screening I sheepishly looked up to him (with mascara running down my face from my eyes being smashed up against those binocular things), "So doc, how bad is it?"

Shrugging his shoulders, "Your eyes aren't bad at all actually. They're pretty good."

I'm going to live! It felt like he was telling me I looked like Heidi Klum's twin. I was literally beaming. It was the most wonderful thing I'd heard in days. I strutted confidently out of Vision World. Yup people, you're looking at a girl whose eyes "aren't that bad."

Then I realized that good eyesight doesn't explain very clearly why I can't see anything. Why the Starbucks board is a Monet, why I use an inner power of direction to steer me at night. 

Apparently it's just my brain that isn't functioning well.

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