Thursday, April 2, 2009

Newsflash! Star from "The Hills" Wants to Live a Normal Life

I love it when stars say they want to live normal lives. When they reference normal lives, I assume the spotlight is on "us" normal people- meaning you and I. Those of us reading their heartfelt confessions on celebrity blogs.

Today on Pop Sugar, the normals are offered an exclusive inside look into Whitney Port of "The Hills" spin off "The City" pour her soul to literary gem Cosmopolitan on the stresses of being a c-list celeb. She goes on to admit sometimes she wishes she could just have a normal life. Sigh. Sniff sniff. 

Guess what Whits? If you have a normal life like the rest of us, you surely won't have to worry about cameras following you on the job. Because chances are you WON'T HAVE a job. Pressures of living in the big city? Won't exist, because you won't make enough money to live in NYC. Instead you'll find a lovely abode in Des Moines for $175 a month. And then of course the cruel fashion rag paparazzi won't be an issue either, because most of those photographers escaped Des Moines to have glimmer of glamor in their lives and wouldn't want their former manager at Dress Barn recognizing them. And choosing your fashion won't be a problem- as you'll have the funds and access to whatever the local strip mall has to offer you and the rest of the twentysomethings in the thirty mile radius. 

So don't worry poor poor Whitney from Laguna Beach with a handed job at Diane von Furstenburg...the normal life is willing and waiting patiently in the corner for you to dive in. Just remove your Jimmy Choo's and sell them on Ebay first, as this could be helpful in paying for your highlight maintenance. 


Adei von K said...

so this city is a spinoff of the hills... which is a spinoff of laguna beach? or the OC? too many shows!

Jameil said...

lol! cold! i'm really not a fan of her shirt in that pic. awesomely bad.

Anonymous said...

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