Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do Men See What They Want to See and Blur Out The Rest?

Last weekend a friend of mine was greeted by an out-of-town friend in a very complimentary manner. He told her, "Looking great as always! The hair, the sisters (her chest)..." 

The friend being a jovial go-with-the-flow type of girl took the compliments with open arms, but couldn't help but reply, "What about my face? I have a face too you know!" There were laughs, and he of course then followed up by saying her face also looked lovely.

I couldn't help but conjure up a ridiculous image after this story was relayed to me. I imagined when a man spots a woman, the parts (legs, chest, lips, collarbone) that he finds attractive are somehow exaggerated and brightened, while the rest of her becomes blurred out. So in my friend's instance, all he saw was this white-blonde hair and a rather large rack. The rest just blurred into pretty colors. This would greatly explain late night bar mistakes when a man takes home a woman (he being in an overly intoxicated state) to wake up and discover she really was more than just two super long lean legs...but something less appealing than he had mistakenly imagined. What a powerful and optimistic power this may be. But it explains so much!

I thought this imagery was quite funny. And possibly spot on. Yet, when I shared my opinion with a male friend, his response was, "Oh, well, if that's the case I guess all women see is dollar signs coming out of a man's mouth while he talks."

Now that's just being plain silly. 

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