Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ah...That Wasn't A Compliment

I had one of those moments this past weekend. One of those moments where someone thinks they are saying something harmless, or even complimentary, but in fact you feel like you were just insulted in a major fashion. Kind of like when John Mayer sent a video of himself to then girlfriend Jessica Simpson's birthday celebration he ditched- he thought he was making her feel special, but instead he was totally dissing her in the most pathetically insulting way. But it's even worse when the perpetrator doesn't know they're insulting you- because that means they really honestly believe in their opinion. Which, is almost worse than an insult. A compliment catapulting through the air and turning to insult as soon as it hits human.

I was out of town in a safe zone. Hanging with family and friends, doing things I would never do in the radius of my social living/breathing/working space. Like karaoke in a basement bar. Totally entertaining when no one is looking. Then a woman, a townie so to speak, came to me to introduce herself. I explained we had met last winter (a weekend she had bought me no less than 5 whiskey-apple pucker shots) and she laughs. Her response? "Oh, I didn't recognize you! Usually you're all glossed up! You could pass for a local in that!"


That doesn't feel very complimentary. Apparently relishing in the unleashing of my wild hair waves isn't doing me any favors? Just when I thought I had escaped the doom of a hairdryer...but how snotty am I to feel insulted? I better watch some of MTV's "The Hills" to remind myself I'm not as snotty those dumb people.

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