Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To The Girl Who Wanted To Be "The Other Girl" With My Boyfriend

Dear Wannabe Mistress Girl,

I'm writing you this letter to help explain to you where you've chosen to stand in this world. When you peeled your clothing off and made your way into my boyfriend's (ex-boyfriend's) bed and into the warm cozy corner that I've slept in for the past 9 months, you also peeled away the scant amount of dignity you may have had. Now I understand why you'd want to sleep in my body formed spot. Being the sub-par female you are, you probably hoped some of my morals & genuine character could rub off on you in the process. However, it seems your education has also failed you, because this isn't actually possible. A person's essence cannot be transferred via skin to fabric. The only way to move up your quality to a classy and good woman is to change your entire being. Lofty goal I am sure. Maybe impossible. 

I also understand by removing your shirt, while my ex-boyfriend slept in a drunken stupor, that you had the interest of relations with him. Relations that were exclusive to he and I. Perhaps you imagined yourself a beautiful seductress? The problem in this equation is you are not beautiful, you are ugly. I know, because I was lucky enough to see you. And I know you know me- because we've all enjoyed drinks together. A woman who must crawl into another woman's bed is a pathetic scrounger, picking up scraps of attention wherever she can get it. A beggar. Sloppy seconds. Afterthought. A 2% need in a 100% world.

While I do not know what did/did not happen that evening, I do know this: when I looked at you and told you that "you are a horrible person" and you replied with "I know"- that should be a massive clue to you. Take that clue and plaster it on your boobs you seem to be so proud of and wear it as your scarlet letter. Bottle those self-loathing insecurities and save them for self-reflection, as your outward expression hurts others. Ruins lives. And the man who makes the mistake of letting you slip into his bed, well, he has to live with the fact he let a snake replace beauty. We all fall, but some are. You are.

As I drop this letter into cyber-world I jump on a jet plane to discover unknowns in life, to clear my aura of your sickening stench. I'll breathe new air I've never inhaled, all the while exhaling my sadness over people like you. When I return, you will be just as you always are, a distant memory of a mistake.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors,


Anonymous said...

Get over it. Why was this girl even around?

Girl Twentiesh said...

Good advice.

Anonymous said...

Disagree. Getting over betrayal is not that easy. The point of the break-up posts are to work through the question - "Why was this girl even around". Bottling up feelings are for the emotionally stunted.

Anonymous said...

The other point of the post is to share what the experience feels like- it's easy to say get over it, it's easy to say emotions are controllable. The hardest thing to get over is the unknown of why- the nagging question of why people can be soselfish, so thoughtless?