Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When the Guy at the Gas Station is Your Closest Friend

The guy at the gas station really cares about my day. Everyday that I enter the doors of my preferred station, the young man at the counter smiles like an old friend. He says hello enthusiastically, as if he's quite happy to have me drop by to grab a medium coffee and help myself to 10 mini creamers to bring back to the office (I like to have many flavor choices for varying work related moods). And then I reach the cash register and we catch up. Usually something along the lines of him asking, "So, how's today going to be?" 

We're way closer than me just answering with the obligatory "fine" response, so generally I elaborate with something like, "Well, it's 7:30 and I'm already going to work..." We're so close he can read between the lines on unspecific responses. 

As I walk back to my car I feel a little bit more supported than pre-coffee me. As if someone really does care if I have a good day! And then I realize that wow, customer service really works. Just because one guy takes the time to act happy I'm in his store, I continue to buy crappy coffee. Whatever. It's a good system and worth the $4.68 I spend a week for a little morale boost. We all could use a little of that.

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