Monday, August 31, 2009

How Fitting. What a Terrible Day.

So, I've been slacking lately. Not on purpose, not out of boredom, not from a lobotomy. But I've been really busy- as I'm sure you are. Scatterbrained to the fullest. I'm lucky if I remember to put mascara in the morning. 

But man, what a terrible day today. 

I got a threatening feeling letter about something I didn't realize I was doing, got accused for hitting a car I didn't hit, my brother is sick with something and I want to fix him, I forgot to send a wedding gift, and I wasn't aware how to properly use my ebay account so I could receive the birthday present purse I bought for myself in time for my birthday. Which I won't. Oh, and it's my birthday week. Which means I'm getting older. Which naturally makes me anxious. Yuck all around. 

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