Monday, August 17, 2009

I Apologize if this Blog is Boring

I was told the other night that my blog has become boring. I could look back at my recent posts and analyze them with an ultra scientific test most likely on facebook that will take each thought written and categorize it as "entertaining" vs. "boring"- but I'm not sure I'd like to expend the effort. Because, in truth, maybe I'm just thinking about boring things lately. It's not as if I've bored down my life. I'm still going out, laughing, seeing crazy things. In fact just last week I took the dare of wearing whatever was bought for me at a county fair- resulting in a wardrobe of a pink tank that said "Sexy" and a matching pink cowboy hat with a blinking tiara seen from miles away. That is not boring. It was a study in human reaction. And I got a lot of human reaction. I kinda felt like I was a Playboy Bunny walking around in uniform, only I don't look like a Playboy Bunny and my uniform was much more embarrassing.

But possibly I need to be more inspired? My thoughts on gender roles are too dull and outdated? I wonder what I could do to get more interesting...begin channeling Lindsay Lohan? Start internet dating? Wear leggings? I guess I'll have to think about this.

For now I'm going to pack up and go to my job. Now, telling you about that would certainly be boring. I do have somewhat of an edit system.


Anonymous said...

Nay, I would disagree. I have not been bored what-so-ever with your posts. They may be on things that are supposedly not inspired, ie, things many are dealing with and or thought, but you definitely put your own witty spin on it all and I love it!!!

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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