Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why is Everyone Around Me Getting Lucky Breaks?

I used to work at an incredibly dysfunctional establishment. I'm sure you're thinking "yeah, join the club sister"- but this particular place of employment went way beyond traditional workplace dysfunction. CEO's were fired like we were on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice", it wasn't uncommon to be asked to come in at 2:00am in the morning, and it wasn't uncommon for me to be asked if I would dress up as a genie and fly on a magic carpet for a promotional spot. I'd work no less than 60 hours a week, many people called me Veronica which wasn't my name, I'd be scheduled for 4 meetings at once that were mandatory, and I'd often run from people to hide. Oh, and while our bathrooms routinely were shut down- it was okay, because we weren't provided with drinking water anyway. But we did get commemorative rocks. 

But such conditions force friendships. Friendships in coping. The people I worked with were like family, because really I spent way more time with them than anyone else. Such ridiculousness creates strong bonds amongst the tragically affected. We all felt equally abused, misunderstood, and down right depressed at times. But the light came in the joys of absurdity. Because we really saw some absurd things.

But this was a few years back. Now, many of us have moved on. Many of which were forced to leave in sweeping lay-offs. Myself, I was lucky enough to have the strength to leave on my own terms. Ah, the empowerment. The crazy thing is that lately many in this pathetic little clan of misfits have come into some pretty incredible fame and fortune. What are the chances? It began with one co-worker getting on a reality show that actually pushed his career into the real heights he wanted. Another, against all odds, became a real working model in NYC. And yet another has found fame on arguably the most well respected and popular reality show on television. All from my tiny little abused work-o-sphere. As if the harsh conditions actually paid off!

So now I can't help wonder...is it my chance? Do I have a lucky break waiting to be cashed in?! Does suffering really pay off in the end? 

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sounds like an ad agency to me ;)