Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are the Kardashians Real People? I Don't Think So.

I've had a blanket over my head the last few days and have been unaware of media happenings. Late last night I decided to catch up on my celebrity blogs to find out Khloe Kardashian is getting married? After dating some basketball player for a week? This is just preposterous. Am I really supposed to believe this? Did they have some really mind blowing text message ping-pong? What else can really happen in a week? Guys, particularly egotistical guys with money and skills, don't feel the need to have lifelong commitment easily. Why have one when there are the option of many? And then the rumor is she is pregnant. How is it even possible to get pregnant in a week of dating? Those are some miracle odds.

I've decided the Kardashian family is one big joke on America. They don't actually exist. The media created them to make us believe any stupidity is possible. Those sisters are actually Hooters waitresses in Dubuque, Iowa.


DaniColoredGlasses said...

I saw the Khloe story and just has the overwhelming desire to yell out "dumb as hell" then I felt equally stupid because I cared enough to get angry (sigh).

emerging said...


I think they were actually dating a month.

Which is still beyond insane.