Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don't Ask Questions You Don't Want The Answers To

You know those burning questions? The ones you mull over internally? They are the questions continually popping up in your mind that you try and squish away into a corner until they disappear. The reason why you don't want to ask them, why they don't just flow right out of your mouth freely, is because usually there's a pretty good chance you're not going to like the answer. For instance, when you're wondering why that guy you like never actually calls you, but only sends you late night texts. You want to ask him if it's because he's seeing someone else, but you push it away in hopes it'll dissolve into dust. Unfortunately those questions are sneaky little suckers and they always find a way out. And when they come out, that heave of release you have quickly dissipates into the sickening feeling of knowing what you knew all along..."Uh yeah, I have been kinda seeing this other girl." Splat. 

Replace this question example with millions of others. Would you rather be with a tall, dark haired foreigner? Yes, he would. Did you forget to invite me to that party? No, they didn't want me there. The list goes on and on. Why torture ourselves? There's enough shitty stuff in the world to make us feel used up, worthless and unloved- why add flame to the fire? Perhaps you're more curious to feel unnecessary pain than I, but I'm putting a stop to it all. From now on, if I have an inkling the answer will make me feel worse than the question, it's finito. I'll mentally belittle that question as irrationally as I can to force it to burst into nothingness and allow myself to live in a blissfully unaware* state. 

*use of this state of being is grossly overused in my writing

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