Monday, September 21, 2009

Sucks to be the Unknown Guest of an Emmy Nominee

I halfway watched about an hour of the Emmy arrivals yesterday. Nothing like the guilty pleasure of cooing over beautiful frocks or judging the uglies to forget about everything going to shambles in your own life. 

However, because of the Emily Dickinson mood I was in, the only thing I could notice was how sorry I felt for the non-famous dates of the celebrities. As the "it" stars get bombarded with attention and stupid questions like, "What's your favorite body part?" by Ryan Seacrest and a bunch of other plastic interviewers, the date stands by awkwardly as if they don't even exist. The non-famous date doesn't know what to do. Should they nod as if they are a part of the conversation even though their famous date's pinky ring has gotten more attention? Or do they just stand there stiff as a statue, pretending to be an extension of their date's outfit? It's so undeniably uncomfortable and I couldn't help but sympathize with them. I realized that's kind of how I feel in a lot of social situations. As if I'm the guest of the famous people and I could go melt into the wallpaper and it wouldn't change the scene. I'm one of them! Only I don't have a famous date.

Now that it's a new day and I can look back on my non-famous date sympathy, I can't feel too bad for them. After all, they do get to wear beautiful clothing and accessories and probably got some free stuff. 

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