Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Rear View Mirror for My Personal Blind spot?

How does one get rid of their personal blind spot? The things that everybody else sees but you don't? With driving it's easy. If you miscalculate something in your blind spot, well, often you hit it. Hopefully you can avoid collision by a passenger warning you or dutiful checking of all mirrors from all angles. There are tried and true ways of getting around the driving blind spot- because we all know it's there.

In life though, it's not as easy. Something may be happening to you that you are completely blind to. Everyone else can see it- they may even try to tell you- but there's no handy mirror to shine the truth in your face. They could be screaming in your face, warning you of the danger, and still you are incapable of seeing what they see. And in many cases, you have no chance to see it until CRASH you've been hit. Damage done. Insurance premiums up. Rehabilitation time helps, acting as the hands putting together the puzzle of truth. But again, this happens in recovery. I'm looking for preventative measures. A personal rear view mirror alerting me to sneaky dangers I best swerve away from.

Just a thought.

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