Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Signs You're Going Through a Breakup

You know you're going through a breakup when....

1. You find yourself listening to Jordin Sparks "Love is a Battlefield" and imagining yourself as the main character in the music video. I'm getting my armor Jordin. I'm getting it.

2. You make fast friends with a 60 year old who is going through his second divorce. Kindred spirits.

3. You no longer eat meals, because you remember it was your ex who reminded you to eat.

4. You're making plans with the neighbor boys for "winter activities"- including sledding, shooting a music video, Balderdash, and bowling.

5. You'll probably actually read a book this weekend. Yup. Read a book this weekend. Paint a giant L on my forehead if you'd like, but I like reading and am standing up for it now.

6. You like work. Really like work. Because he was never at your work, so you can't miss him there.

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