Monday, November 23, 2009

What Do Your Texts Say About You?

I wish I didn't have to bring this up. No secret to readers of this blog- I have a curious admiration/hate relationship with the text message. A wonderful tool when running late, struck with a funny story that must be shared immediately, or just a nice thought once and awhile. Pictures can be fun. A little gift of technology. Evil hand when abused. The accessibility is like a constant temptress to over-sharing, under-relying, and dehumanizing relationships. Everybody is at reach and on call at all times for better or for worse. Now if you happen to fall dead (excuse me for being blunt here) rather than worrying about people going through your papers...ever wonder what your text messages say about you? Could our living legacy be left to a train of text message conversations?

If a stranger were to read your chain of texts, what would they see? You think I'm going to tell you what mine say? Think again. Get your mind out of the gutter- mine are fine. I'm a good girl. As long as the phone is away from me during an Ambien episode I stick to the basics, sarcasm, and the occasional surprise. But other people- whoa- I'm pretty sure there is some incriminating and eyebrow raising activity.

Certainly something to think about though, isn't it?

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Helena Blakemore said...

Looking back through my last few texts I've shared with others, it appears that if I was hit by a bus the policeman checking my phone for clues to my identity would come to the conclusion that I am on parole and my boyfriend is my parole officer:
"On dinner now" (at 12:45pm)
"Leaving work now" (at 5.16pm)
"Going to supermarket." (at 1.10pm)

Now THAT's certainly something to think about.