Friday, December 11, 2009

Need Help Identifying Big Lies?

In case you are in need of assistance in deciphering and identifying when a big fat lie is coming your way, here is a list of common indicators to help you:
  1. Any statement that begins with, "I really want to, but..."(if they really wanted to, they would)
  2. Claim that "it's natural" (generally used to hide the fact that is not, in fact, natural in act or appearance)
  3. Anti-puff anything (anything claiming to de-puff you is a gross over exaggeration and blatant false advertising)
  4. "I've never done this before" (yes, they have, although I have said this and meant it but I commonly do things I've never done before and then learn to never do them again)
  5. "You look nice today" (commonly used as an empty buffer before asking for or demanding something)

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