Sunday, December 6, 2009

Random Impressive Acts

This past weekend I found myself struck by random acts of impressiveness. The following list summarizes the instances moving my mind the last few days:

1. My friend's ability to small talk with anyone. Staggeringly talented at talking about nothing and everything with all walks of life. At times they look slightly offended, but they're too confused to really understand why.

2. My ability to fume. I was so angry I sat in my jacket at my table for over two hours just fuming. Without moving to my knowledge. Things got dark.

3. The man with a small child on his shoulders who made eye contact with me as he left the restaurant to then come back in, boldly put his card in front of me, and say simply with a smile, "If you'd ever like to go out with me, give me a call." Impressively confident. I of course was wildly embarrassed and I believe just stupidly gazed back in surprise while stammering "thank you" or something equally less impressive.

4. While we're on the subject of men, the French man at the art show who managed to have me fall in love with him after 2 minutes of talking. Never mind his probable wife standing next to him. He smiled at me like he loved me back, and that's the story I'm sticking with in my mind.

5. University of Texas Longhorns' ability to pull off a win in a serious bind. That's my boys.

6. The amount of Swedish Fish I can consume without getting sick of them. They're like crack to me.

7. People who watch the show Dexter. I watched approximately 4 minutes of the first episode and was convinced someone was going to murder me and I turned it off.

And there you have it. Being impressed 7 times in 48 hours is impressive in itself.

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