Sunday, March 14, 2010

What's With the Young Guys?

I just had to come back to this blog. After a break to try and collect myself and become an adult, I couldn't resist sharing the ridiculousness of my life. It's just too damn ridiculous.

So, what's with the young guys lately? I generally date 5+ years above my age. But lately the younglings have been hitting on me without abandon. Like, 23 year olds. They are so young that I call them "cute" and I kinda want to pat their heads. And they try, they really try with earnest, to hit on me or whatever it's called, and I find it adorable. Isn't that amazing? Take that adorable kid and put 15 years on him and he's insta sleaze. Last weekend I found one young fawn's quest at my attention particularly confusing. Lanky, slightly urban-geek, wearing a cardigan and v-neck t-shirt. Obviously I assumed he was gay. A v-neck? But as we bantered and he what I thought was faux hit on me he became increasingly hurt by my playful tease. Suddenly he turned honest and said to me, "You know, I really like you and you're hurting my feelings right now." Yes, he really said that. Needless to say my friend and I bolted to the door as soon as he left for the bathroom.

So, I'm not complaining. Of course it's nice to get hit on. But okay now- can't I have someone in my target demographic come around?


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Mary Grace said...

LOL. This is so funny. Especially the pat in the head and the bolt to the door. =D

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Simone said...

you are so right!
i mean really! i'm turning 20 and guys younger with 4 years come and ask me out.
i pat them on the head too.. it's true it's irresistible XD

Brad Renaud said...

OMG, you are approaching milfhood. When did this begin?

Girl Twentiesh said...

Can't be a milf with no husband or children. Therefore I am just an alluring older woman.

Or, I'm an object of some bar bingo challenge game.