Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jessica Simpson Goes Natural. It'll Only Cost You $400 To Do It Too.

In the May issue of Marie Claire Jessica Simpson "makes a point" by going au natural on the front cover. Amidst an industry focused on airbrushing to the max, it's supposed to be a groundbreaking and refreshing take on real beauty. I actually think she looks way better. But I don't mind heavy photoshop work in magazines either- I like pretty people and things. It's art.

However, the part that makes me chuckle, in the inside cover under "Win Jessica's Cover Look" you win beauty products worth more than $440.

So, you're telling me I can be a "real" beauty for only $440? Think I'll spring for photoshop. Sounds cheaper.


In My Head said...

your 20, natural beauty lasts until...maybe mid 30's if you got good genes

Anonymous said...

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Alice Elysium said...

lol maybe they'll spring for the photoshop as a bonus for being suckered into their products. :D

Krystalz said...

So I guess it's not just the proactiv skin care products that are responsible for her natural looks!

joven said...

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Lisa said...

Good point :-)


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