Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Traits of An Irresistible Man. Supposedly.

I was so happy to see MSN's new glo.msn.com featured an article today on the traits of an irresistible man, because I really need help figuring out how to find a man that's irresistible. As of now I find most of the ones I meet entirely resistible. Which is a problem if I want a romantic life.

According to the article...

#1. A Manly Scent. Hmmm. Wouldn't any man have a "manly" scent, being a man and all? Not sure this one will help me.

#2. Ample Displays of Affection. Somewhat agreeable, but with limits. Groping me in public- not irresistible. Showing affection to every woman, not irresistible.

#3. A Sexy Wink. Really? Is there such a thing? If a man winks at me, he's cheesy, not sexy.

#4. Good Grooming. I'm going to say that good grooming is a prerequisite. Not a bonus.

#5. A Calming Vibe. Agreed! I can't believe I'm agreeing with msn.com writers! A cool, calm and collected man is pretty sexy. And if he can stay that way beyond the first date, score.

#6. A Sense of Style. Um. This can go overboard. Too much of his own sense of style and you could be drowning in Ed Hardy tee-shirts and looking at Spencer Pratt.

#7. A Great Sense of Humor. Of course. Again, kinda necessary.

And, that's it. Huh. Not unlocking any major secrets there.

If you need to learn more, read the article here.


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Dano said...

you think to much.

Haupi said...

Relax, it'll get better...it always does. Just surfing blogs this evening and came across yours. I thought I read a little and say "hi". Maybe you'll visit my blog or not. Your choice. Smile. - Haupi

wordfromthezoo said...

I'm a huge blog fan and I just ran across yours. It's so refreshingly honest and enjoyable! So fun to see a blog that stands out from the rest!

Caro said...

This is refreshing in all the right ways. Thank god I'm not the only one whose life isn't perfect! This list made me smile.

Anonymous said...

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Liz said...

I love this! Love love love. However, maybe our 20's are supposed to be getting past the fairytale of life and just learning to live?

Still trying to figure it out myself,


Anonymous said...

Haha, cute list...there is such a thing as a sexy wink though. Somehow my boyfriend's got it. It's not a huge, mouth open, click-click kind of a wink. It's subtle, just enough to let me know he's thinking about me. It's cute, sexy, and sometimes over done, but I do hope you'll experience it one day!

Anonymous said...

no wonder you have a blog about your terrible 20's. You aint never getting a man love.

Anonymous said...

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