Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Along With Stereotypes, I Also Enjoy A Fine Gentleman

That sounds way worse than I meant. Not that way. Well...

But don't you just love a fine gentleman? It seems that us Gen Xers, Gen Y's and Millenials have been thrown into a gender bender world where lines blur between an old fashioned lady and chivalrous man into an everything goes homogeneous gender where acts of sophisticated niceties between men and women are, well, lacking. Now a guy will try and download an app to open doors and a woman will help a man apply bronzer to his abs. That's modern day chivalry.

Lucky for me I've been experiencing an onset of gentlemen-like behavior, and I actually feel like I'm in a romantic comedy or something. It feels so strange. So overwhelmingly pleasantly strange. First off is the manfriend, who literally opens every door for me. When he's dropping me off, he stops the car. Gets out. Walks me to my door. Kisses me goodbye. When I'm carrying something? It could be a pebble and he'd take it from my hand and carry it. Don't even get me started on the flowers, as I still blush just thinking about it. Let me tell you, it's something to get used to. Guys-men-people...they just aren't like this! But as a stubborn and extremely self-sufficient relatively young lady- it's really fabulous in an uncomfortably unknown way. Probably similar to when you first tasted beer. It tastes really weird, you can't understand it and aren't sure how you'll get used to it, but it makes you feel really good. Then the more you have the more you like it and suddenly you're drunk. I'm drunk on gentlemen.

And then the southern gents. Last few days being down south reminded me of how the older generation of southern boys still have that immediate reaction of impeccable manners to females. Men offering up seats for me, taking my luggage down for me from the overhead bin without even asking if I needed help, asking me for my I.D when I order a Bloody Mary (ok, that isn't really gentlemen behavior but at my age it makes me feel good). All this nice attention I'm waiting for the director to yell, "Cut!" and the lights to go out and my shoes stripped from my feet. In other words, back to normal.

But, for now I'm going to lather in the deliciousness of having nice men be nice to me. Soon enough one jackass will ruin it for everyone.

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Anonymous said...

two days in a row !!! thank you thank you !!! faithful readers everywhere are smiling !!!