Friday, June 18, 2010

Your Cheating Brain. Gimme a Break.

Breaking news! Study released that certain men have a genetic gene that gives them more trouble in relationships and are more likely to cheat. A study done in Sweden, in which scientists studied the gene types of 552 sets of twins, determined "there is a bonding chemical in some men that makes them less likely to be married and more likely to have bad relationships."

Wow, talk about totally useless information. What, are they going to develop anti-cheating medications now? I can just see the pharmaceutical commercials during Jersey Shore re-runs pushing men to buy pills to stop their unstoppable "genetic" behavior of cheating. It'd be a pretty fantastic money maker, because lots and lots of people cheat. Maybe I should jump on this...

Or better yet, now that this amazing discovery has been made, will women have access to genetic screenings before they walk down the isle? And of course she'll be sympathetic, because just like diabetes and bipolar disorder and baldness...he can't help it. He was programmed that way!

Don't get me wrong- I like science. It comes in handy to explain things we humans just need an answer to. Break all unexplainables down to a system of explainables. But there is something called BEHAVIOR. That we do have control over. To my knowledge I am not a robot being controlled by genes or God or Kevin Costner (although he might think he could develop an invention to do so)...pretty sure I make my day-to-day decisions on behavior. Do I want to scream F-U to people at times? Yes, yes I do. And it very well may be in my genes. But there's a moment between the genetic trigger and my mind/body connection allowing an action to pass through my urges and to the outside world. And I do believe I've got a pretty big part in this.

Now let me get back to some real news- the hot guys in the World Cup taking their shirts off.

If you'd like to know more about this study, check it.

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