Saturday, January 26, 2008

Single Does Not = Desperate

I’m single. For the most part. Usually I have a couple things going on, but usually they aren’t completely normal. I’m sure I’ll get into that later. And it usually takes a solid 6 months for me to grant boyfriend status. But I don’t have anyone to water my plants for me (which is why I have no plants) or complain about my job to or be my back-up stay in plan for Saturday night. Thus, I am single.

Single does not = desperate. They should teach that in math.

I actually,gasp, do not mind being single. I’ve come to the age where I know what I like/love and am comfortable with it. I’m more than willing to wait an unforeseen amount of time to get that…whatever or whoever it may be. So, I might ask, why aren’t you comfortable with it?

At a gathering a few months back a dear friend of mine (she really is one of the sweetest women alive) looked to me across the room and said, “I know a single guy! He’s a recovering meth addict, but he’s really nice.” Uh, did I miss something here? Let me run and quick look in the mirror and make sure my teeth are all intact and I’m not scratching my face off. Oh good, face appears normal. I may be single, but I certainly don’t think I am so bad off that I must go to recovering addict meetings to find eligible men. Really, thanks but no thanks.

And your friend Joe Shmo (shout out to Peeps)? The one that you’ve tried to set-up with each single friend you’ve ever had for the last 15 years? I don’t want to go out with him either. Just because he is Single and I am Single, does not mean we automatically are a match. If you really really search your brain and remember those fuzzy days when you were single, you’ll remember that the equation to finding love was a little more complex.

Don’t think I am ungrateful- as I do enjoy being set-up. I've had some great dates being set-up, and some have turned into great relationships. In fact, ideally I find my next great relationship as a recommendation from a close friend. But please, leave the recovering drug-alchohol-sex-food-Nintendo Wii addicts to like minded girls.

Or, are you trying to tell me something? Maybe I'm missing the hint...

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bethykickass said...

Good gawd, I hear you.

I have a very tactless friend who constantly says things like "Well, you're my last single friend! I'm doing you a favor!" All the while, she's trying to set me up with men who live one, two, and three HUNDRED miles away from my home. I'm all for being set up BUT, he must reside within an hour's drive. And not carry a 72-piece luggage set (i.e. heavy baggage) from K-Mart. No thanks.