Thursday, July 10, 2008


It’s kind of typical isn’t it? Twentysomething girl starts a project, something she’s really passionate about, then gets majorly detoured and that passion project is a mere memory. Soon she wakes up and she’s 35 with two children, a job, and lots of instant frozen dinners and she glazes over while watching Desperate Housewives reruns and thinks to herself, “What might have been had I kept up with that damn blog?”

Well, thankfully that’s not me, because that sounds terrible. But I did watch 3 episodes in a row of The Next Food Network Challenge while drinking my chocolate avocado hemp shake and decided that I must start up my blog again!

I really do have a valid excuse for my detour. No, I didn’t get married. No, I didn’t have children. I am still fundamentedly stuck in my horrible rotten no good very bad terrible twenties. I did, however, finally end my abusive relationship. I had been beaten up daily for the past four years, and finally I severed ties. With my job.

I know being a television producer for a home shopping network sounds like all glitz and glamour and Susan Lucci, but believe me…it’s not all that. When it came to the point that I was staring at my phone and screaming obscenities while seriously contemplating voodoo and hiding behind doors and ignoring voicemails for days on end and dreaming of vodka all day long, I realized I had hit rock bottom.

So now I have a new job with it’s own “special” qualities. For instance, one fellow employee, appropriately nicknamed The Creeper, sits in a dark office all day while randomly shouting thoughts out for all to hear. But after some inner healing and respite, I am back to my in depth analysis of why life seems to not make sense EVER and why I am not living a life like Nicole Richie. And I will not be detoured again. I will not be outblogged by Jessica Biel.

Coming soon: An update on stalkers and why it’s very probable I will be kidnapped and locked in a dungeon in Transalvania and 10 Reasons I’m a Horrible Bridesmaid/Wedding Guest.


Anonymous said...

Great! Im so glad you have decided to return. I think I get a bit too much of dry cynicism from males, its great to hear it from a female :-)

Anonymous said...

Bad Wedding Guest...can't wait to read that one! :) - Britt

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back in the saddle - Salina

Anonymous said...

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