Monday, February 23, 2009

Get with the Times Oscar!

Come on people; let’s kick it up a notch. As previously posted, I contain a large amount of superficial excitement for red carpet arrivals and awards shows. Amid news of every company ever created cutting 35,000 jobs, give me some good ‘ol escapism through gaudy jewels and exquisite fabrics. Throw in Brangelina and it’s an all out dream.

Talk about a major let down.

Perhaps it’s being victim to the social media plague and the corresponding attention deficit disorder, but the pace of the Oscar Awards presentation was SUFFOCATING. I could barely multi-task enough to get through an hour of the arrivals and an equally brain dulling hour of the awards. I laughed like a hyena at the Tina Fey and Steve Martin presentation, not because it was particularly ingenious, but because I had lapsed into the same hysteria induced boredom I used to suffer in Microeconomics 101.

For the past few years’ award shows have suffered exponential losses in ratings and received less advertising dollars. Um, maybe it’s time to get with the times and change the show structure so an audience that isn’t in solitary confinement with their TV would actually enjoy watching it? How about taping the show in the morning, editing it down to an hour of the funniest, most interesting parts, and then broadcasting it?


DaniColoredGlasses said...

yea...the show was painful @ best. Although as usual, in the AM the overview clips made it look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

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