Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's The Little Things

I’ve begun to notice I become excited by ridiculously meaningless things the older I get. It’s as if I’m Benjamin Buttoning back into time to a five year old’s mentality who becomes excited by a yellow piece of fuzz.

When young(er), I would reserve my excitedness for big things such as somebody’s birthday, an upcoming spring break, a weekend bash, a surprise date by my boyfriend. Today, while those events are still quite exciting, I find myself more keyed up by things such as the great breakthrough in the gum industry of our time- Sweet Mint Orbit gum. Have you ever popped some of that deliciousness? Or, realizing today the Oscars are on this Sunday. I can hardly wait to watch the red carpet arrivals! I think I’ll spin and watch the arrivals…then settle in at home for the show….Seriously, I’m actually anxiously anticipating if Penelope Cruz goes with Oscar or Valentino. I am so super excited. Then I realize how kind of pathetic this is. I’ve barely read over Obama’s stimulus plan and I’m spending real time contemplating the statistics of fashion.

Is it because day-to-day life is so boring? Sitting slaved to my desk all day I escape to these fantasies of what tomorrow could bring? Each happy hour (hundreds a year) holds the importance of a Quinceanera, each new lip gloss like a mound of gold, a latte brings the joy of a 4-course dinner at The Ritz. Perhaps I’ve discovered a magical coping mechanism for the workday doldrums. Just imagine something better (which is basically anything) and everything will be fine.

Whatever the case, I think I’ll release my guilt. Bring on the little things. Preferably in the form of Swedish Fish.

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DaniColoredGlasses said...

At this point it feels like 'the little things' are the most consistent and the most untainted by the day-to-day boredom of work and life. Hang on to them!