Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh, Valentines Day

Really? Again? I have to go through yet another Valentine’s Day? It’s the second corniest thing next to any episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Not to mention it causes people to behave recklessly with proposals and unwanted baby making. While the last couple years I’ve been in semi-attached states during the pink fuzzy with chocolate covered strawberry on top holiday, this year I must suffer along with my SO (significant other). This means I’m actually expected, to like, do something.

But you know what? I’m seeing the light at the end of the conversation heart tunnel. I’m actually thinking that V-day might be a good thing in 2009. Here is my list of why:

1) All that money spent on useless crap might give a much needed boost to the economy. We don’t need a bunch of Hallmark employees roaming the streets jobless. Can you imagine? I shudder at the thought.

2) It’s been a really really miserable winter, so any reason to feel better is a good reason.

3) Excuse for excessive champagne consumption. As if I need an excuse.

4) With Jen Aniston and John Mayer in coupledom, I can hardly wait to find out what they did to celebrate! His & her lipo? Her 100th trip to Cabo for the year? The anticipation is killing me.

5) Valentine colored candy corn. Anytime you can bring the candy corn out it’s a reason to celebrate.

6) Everyone fits in. Either you're part of a dynamic duo and you get to do something fun like eat fondue (which I think is actually quite gross) or you're a part of the "I'm single and love it" crowd and will dance to Beyonce all night with the LGBT's. Either way, you belong. Koom-by-ya.

7) Yet another reason to hate Speidi. Surely they'll do something entirely lame.

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