Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Age Should Be Earned

Yesterday I informed my boyfriend that I do not deserve to be a year older at my next birthday. In fact, I should be stripped of last year's honor as well. I have done nothing in the last 730 or so days to be granted the gift of age progression.

Shouldn't age be established by achievement and developmental milestones? Rather than biological life stages? Just because days pass on by does not prove we've really become older, because being older suggests being more developed and mature than the previous stage.

Personally I think time is finally catching up with me. Always pegged an old soul and mature for my age, things are slowing down and mellowing out. Maturation halted. After moving through life experience at warp speed time ticks sluggishly in the clock of personal progress and I stay the same. Well, may hair doesn't. I tend to change a hair a lot. But I hardly think that should grant me a new numerical value.

I've still got a good 6 months to go, so you know, a lot can happen. Maybe I will move an inch or so. Otherwise my twin brother is going to turn a year older than I.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you have just reached the perfect age. I feel like that more every day. Sometimes I think that time stops for a reason. Revel in it!

DaniColoredGlasses said...

Last yr I celebrated 25+1 and I don't think that '27' is in the stars for me this September. I've got nothing to show for my time past 25 so like anything else in life I will keep trying out 25 until I get it right.