Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Need an MBA for an Internship, But Lauren Conrad Can Write a Book

While searching for steady employment options, I looked to some of the "best" companies the city has to offer. You know the companies- the ones where there are gyms on site and you don't have to steal some one's stapler because everyone has their own. They may even have free coffee. And water. I bet they have big jugs of water with both hot and cold options.

As I scrolled down to the open positions, mostly IT (because the super genius freaks from MIT I'm sure are looking for employment right now) I found something in my field. Although it was an internship, at least it could get me in the door. Visions of free Vanilla Hazelnut creamer danced in my head. Clicking on it, I became more and more excited. What a fabulous opportunity, and really, I think I'm qualified! Until I read three very confusing capital letters:

"Candidate should have their MBA."

I instructed myself calmly to not freak out. Let me get this straight. I have to have an advanced degree for an internship? You're telling me that a good 4.5 years at two top universities and $100,000 tuition is not enough? I have to spend an extra $100,000 to get a NON-PAYING job?
And that stupid girl from The Hills who constantly rolls her eyes and plays with her hair and has her own fashion line just signed deals to write books? Put Obama on the line! This is an extra new case of discrimination and a violation of equal rights! Those who are rich and privileged (MBA students with $250,000 student loans are not taking internships) get their first jump at opportunity, while the 9% of us (eerily close to 10%) have to do everything we can to get an employer to notice us.

What's a girl to do? 
A) Pretend I'm super rich
B) Try to be a reality star. Apparently that's the new college.

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niksixtyeight said...

I pick "pretend you're super rich"! Good story, very true!!!