Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Deep Thoughts Across The Wastelands

Today as I spent twelve hours driving through many many miles of corn/wheat/something fields and past numerous Waffle Houses and museums honoring cowboys, simple thoughts floated around my head. Reasons to be happy and appreciative amidst life chaos. I came to the following conclusions:

1. My car gets really good gas mileage, looks pretty, and is comfortable. For this I am grateful.
2. My BF thinks I'm a pet. Meaning, he pats me on the head, plays little tricks on me, and tells me I'm cute.
3. I'm glad I don't live in Iowa
4. Vacations are much more carefree when you aren't worried about work or getting to work. However, knowing you have no paycheck makes spending money slightly painful. I'll worry later.
5. I'm an excellent snack packer. Healthy organic turkey sandwiches, fruit, cheese & crackers, rice krispy bars, expensive vitamin waters...I had an answer for all of BF's hankerings. I am the Queen of the Car Snacks World.
6. Days Inn are not that bad. Just don't turn the lights up and drink a beer before you get into bed.

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