Monday, March 23, 2009

Things That Now Apply: Metabolism

I've always been an avid magazine reader. Around pre-teen years I'd read my sister's Seventeen and YM and pick out the girls I wanted to look like and guys I thought were cute. In adulthood I've become addicted to all things glossy. I'll read a golf mag if it's in front of me.

Popular in women's magazines are the "Age & Metabolism Decline" articles. I've been skimming these for years. I'd be willing to bet at any time you can find half a dozen publications featuring advice on how to combat aging and the evil outcomes, particularly more fat on the thighs.  They'll give you miracle secrets on how to boost the metabolism with various tricks, like drinking ice cold water or eating spicy foods. Do I really think I'm going to lose a pound by eating habeneros? No. And I've scoffed at these articles for years. Exercise and you won't be fat has been my motto.

But as I view the pics BF took of me while on hiatus, I'm not happy. I've always worked out- since fifteen- and I do so religiously. Diet is pretty closely monitored. Alcohol tends to be a vice. Up until now this has worked for me. It's looking like this program is no longer effective, unless a puffy face is now en vogue. Frick. Not only do I have to get older, but now I can't eat chips & salsa once and awhile? Or have three vodka martinis? What to I have to do? Workout twice a day? Granted I am sporadic. I suppose if there is a science to this whole metabolism system I have been cheating it. Yuck though.

When did articles on aging start applying to me?


DaniColoredGlasses said...

Join the club...unfortunately

Anonymous said...

It is a bit depressing isnt it... We should just stop physically aging at 25 and all would be much happier.

Adei von K said...

that last sentence is a zinger.