Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid. Really.

The great part about losing your job is the free advice you get from everyone. While not being employed for the first time since age sixteen has given me a slight tick and a nervous laugh, I am largely optimistic. I am a capable, well educated and resourceful human being...I can weather this storm. I may be weathering it without any extras, such as vodka and a spring wardrobe, but nonetheless I should hopefully (cross your fingers) be okay. 

Speaking of weather, maybe you could stop raining on my optimistic parade? Yesterday I had not one, but at least two people say the following to me:

"Oh, wow, you're laid off? Are you really scared?"

Uh, no...I really wasn't...but now I sure am. When you look at me with those furrowed brows and pity glaze I can see your brain ticking and your  "I am so glad I am not her" prayers to the employment Gods. Now your negative brain waves are crashing into my false hope and crushing them with evil oppressive force. Your negative realism cuts the strings in the ballad of my I Will Survive theme song I hum while sending countless resumes.

Therefore, I appreciate the time you take to ponder my situation and offer thoughts. Really, I do. But just like a child who wants to believe there are giant bunnies who bring candy filled eggs to their homes at night, I want to believe things aren't going to be so bad for me. There, I said it, I'm following The Secret with this one. If I BELIEVE I will get a job soon, then I WILL.

Oh geez, I've referenced Oprah twice in two days. Somebody get this girl a job.

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