Thursday, March 12, 2009

Talent Should Be Given Out Equally

- (noun) A special natural ability or aptitude

Why does it seem like some folks hog all the talent and the rest of us get stuck with crappy abilities like spelling or cracking eggs well? When I think of the ideal occupation, I think of doing something that I'm naturally talently inclined towards and capitalizing on it for pay. Theoretically it would no longer feel like work work and more like kinda fun work. Yet to reach this occupational state of self-realization, I need to determine an actual talent. This is where I get stuck.

I think I'm marginally good at a few things. Like I dip my toes and skim the pool of talent, but I'm not swimming any Olympic trials. Then I worry perhaps there is something I'm quite talented at, but never tried therefore I'm missing out on this great opportunity to be on Dancing With The Stars (not true, as I know I'm not a naturally inclined dancer- it takes me forever to memorize two moves in a row). But you see what I'm saying. I could blame my parents, but in order to allow five children to try every sport/activity/art they would have had to hire escorts and take loans out from the government. 

What is the solution? I'm not sure. I'd like a genie to swoop down and grant me three talents. Or a psychic to reveal my innermost strengths and tell me how to use them for maximum dollar. Or maybe I should make an annoying facebook test quizzing my 278 closest friends on what they believe my talents are. Then I'll end up being employed as a professional stubborn arguer. 


niksixtyeight said...

What's worse is having a talent and still not being able to capitalize on it!!!:)

Adei von K said...

wait, you can crack eggs well?


I can't.

Ummm, I can teach!