Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why Do I Do This to Myself? The Absurdity of Choice.

As human beings we have options. Lots of options. While at times we feel chained to our jobs, our finances, and the decline of quality television programming, we really and truly are afforded the choice to do what we wish with our lives. Think of the freedoms! If I want to eat blueberries each and every day for every meal, gosh darn it I can do so. Other creatures aren't afforded such luxuries. They are limited to their environments and the offerings. It's not like a squirrel can hop on a plane and fly to Hawaii if he decides deciduous forests aren't his thing and aloha living is for him. Unless there is some sort of contract with sea spanning birds carrying squirrels across the world that I don't know about, then I'd say they're pretty much stuck.


As a free creature of this great world I must ask myself, "Why on EARTH do I choose to suffer in a climate presently at 24 degrees Fahrenheit? What is wrong with me?"

I am in an abusive relationship with my home state. Does A&E want to do an intervention?

I haven't always lived in this frozen tundra. No sir. I escaped. I lived in the south in overwhelmingly pleasant weather conditions. Sure it got warm, but air condition is this fabulous invention by humankind. You can neatly avoid overheating by driving in air condition, parking in a garage, and going directly into an air conditioned facility. But this isn't even an issue for me, as I wear a sweatshirt in 80 degree weather. 

Yet I choose to inhabit an environment in which 8 out of 12 months is downright miserable. Freezing. Dark. Snowing. Icy. Raining. Sleeting. Dark. I imagine the benefits of hibernation, and wonder if short term disability can cover the choice to stay locked in my bedroom until Spring arrives. And Spring, at some point or another, eventually arrives. And when the birds chirp, the snow melts, things start living...I'm ecstatic. Joy to the 10th degree. Euphoria. Flip-flops. But logically, it only feels this rewarding because I've been punched in the face by dismal doom weather for most of the year. Of course the high is going to feel higher when you can't get any lower than the low!

I must consider the absurd psychology of such a choice. Perhaps I am abusing the right to choose. Whatever the case, I'm cold. Really cold. 


DaniColoredGlasses said...

Not to brag but it was sweltering yesterday in FL. The real question is what is more important.... the fabulous city life or warmth? I'm warm in south FL but sooo bored!

Girl Twentiesh said...

In my ideal place of habitation there would be a huge city life, lakes to run around, great public transportation, and a mild temp. I think I just described San Francisco?

Adei von K said...

yeah, what dani said. unless you're a beach bunny, you'll be bored.