Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mean Girls

Most of my rumblings and rambles concentrate on those things both abstract and physically stripped away as you age. Today, however, I am concentrating on something that never seems to go away:

Mean girls. And they become meaner with age, or too lazy to disguise the meanness. 

Last week I had a great night out with my best night out bud. We like to go to scenester places in which we purposely place ourselves on barstools outside of the scene for ultimate viewing pleasure. We don't attempt to be a part of the scene, more semi-active voyeurs offering commentary. As I left my lair and treaded through the questionably clad masses in search of a bathroom, a woman stopped me dead with her nasty stare. Here eyes penetrating my being, giving me the once over with menace in her eyes. My response? Raising my eyebrows and moving on. Whatever.

When I returned to my partner in viewing, she rehashed the entire mean girl attack. 

"What the f*ck was that girl's problem?" she asked as she shot her own darting look to the mean girl across the bar. 

"I was wondering the same thing, I mean all I did was walk by her," I replied, this time studying the mean girl. Of course then I noticed she was sitting with a boy, a boy with a wandering eye. But who wants to look at a girl grimacing as if she's got a constipation condition? Then my pal explained that mean girl's boy had looked at me as I walked by. 

So what? Really girls, it's time to grow up. This has been going on for years and I'm over it. I'm tired of walking by your hallway of judgement. Nobody is trying to steal your boy. We aren't in the wild here, doing anything and anything to attract a mate with our feathers (which brings to mind a whole new topic). There's a big pool of mates out there, no need to fight over them with nasty grams.

After this same type of incident occurred yet again a few nights ago, I have resolved to fight back. My new response to this ludicrous behavior? Stare back, chuckle, tilt my head and raise my brows and sympathetically ask, "Really?"

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niksixtyeight said...

You should just smile and blow them a kiss!:)