Thursday, April 9, 2009

When People Pretend They're Kidding Only They're Not

You know when somebody makes a comment to you, usually a rude/demeaning/demoralizing criticism, only to backtrack and brush it off as if they are kidding? Only you hold a sinking sensation that perhaps they are not kidding at all, really wished to make a nasty comment, but aren't quite nasty enough to do so without the veil of a "just joking" protection?

Yeah, that happened to me last night. 

My BF and I had just joined dinner with another pair, and as I studied the sushi menu for something not ridiculously over priced, not covered in a mayo sauce defeating the purpose of healthy eating, the waiter came to ask our order. Across from me, the male diner said to the waiter in a tone dripping with sarcasm, "Well, we would be ready, but we just have to wait for her." All eyes turned to me. He snickered in his snickering way. But I was ready! Then he laughed it off, saying he was just joking. He wasn't joking. I saw it in his eyes, his deep judgemental eyes revealing the inner works of a brain wondering for the 100th time why his friend's girlfriend (me) was such a freak about food. 

You see, I don't go this route. If I want to insult somebody, I go all the way. Sometimes it isn't straight on verbal abuse, maybe just a slow and deliberate eye roll. But I realize the "just kidding sly insult" road can be a good move if you really feel as if you might lose it if you don't get a chance to slip one out, therefore backlashing to an all out freak out. Not to mention, there's a good chance at least 75% of the population is either too oblivious or too nice to realize they're being jabbed at. Like the ignorant pig- ignorance is bliss.

Whatever the case, I'm on to your game. I know I'm being insulted, and I'm ready to take it like a woman. 

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