Monday, May 25, 2009

Experiencing Awe in Unexpected Places. Like Iowa.

Restrain yourself from bubbles of jealousy, but I got to go to Iowa last weekend. Yup, deep in the heart of never never land I was, smack dab in a good 'ol Iowan wedding. Don't be judgemental- there were neither cows nor corn involved. The wedding itself was actually quite lovely, held in a lush green park with a fountain behind, the bride & groom exchanging forevers with nature's blessing. Yet as I had prepared myself mentally for typical wedding fare (avoiding the bouquet toss, going to the bathroom anytime Electric Slide plays, figuring out a way to get champagne at a wedding not serving champagne, making my plate appear full with broccoli) I found bits and pieces of awe. Moments unexpected in my carefully calculated expectations. And this awe struck down at me at none other than the Lucky Lounge.

Just so happened our Best Western hotel didn't only offer an indoor pool and free continental breakfast, but also housed the most popular nightclub in the city. Walking into the nightclub felt a bit like a Billy Ocean music video on crack: laser lights in shades of neon, poles descending from the ceiling, if not fog the definite feeling of fog, and paintings of people on the walls with various body parts actually protruding in 3D fashion. And, of course, a dance floor with mirrors. Let me be clear: Lucky Lounge is not a strip club. No strippers. Just the intense aura that scantily clad ladies are hiding behind the mirrors. I really and truly slipped stunned into sobriety. What was this weird place? I half expected John Travolta and Uma Thurman to start dancing ala Pulp Fiction. And then there were the brides. In my short time, I saw 3 brides in this tiny little dungeon complete with wedding parties. And were they smoking in the bar too? Not sure. After 15 minutes in this mad house I found my way to the swivel chairs, plopped myself down and proceeded to watch club goers do a line dance under laser lights while freakishly multiplying around me in the surrounding mirrors. What. A. Scene. 

And so my moment of awe. The juxtaposition of an innocent state of farmers, a pure and beautiful wedding, and perhaps the strangest bar scene I will ever witness. Awe in Iowa- who knew?

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