Friday, May 15, 2009

The Joy That is Girls' Weekend

Email chains going on for weeks debating various fashion choices, timelines for arrival, and predicting who will pass out in the garden. Jabs at those who embarrassed themselves last year. Who is more likely to have issues handling their liquor? Ah, the beauty of planning a girls' weekend.

Today I jet off to the windy city for my third annual Chicago weekend adventure. A weekend only- yet a year in the making. Five girls and a whole lot a trouble. As soon as we stumble home rugged and ragged from last year's fun, we're already looking ahead to the next year. This is the joy of a girls' weekend! Who cares that it's only a few days? We can anticipate and plan with the best of them all in the good spirit of just being excited

See ya suckers!


chitter chadder said...

Let's not forget the soloist... The husband left at home pondering what to do with no wife at home to twist directions. The best part is when the wife returns, she is so destroyed from the marathon weekend, she can do little more than give a few hello kisses on the cheek and then fall into a deep sleep.

Rock on Girls weekend1 Rock on...

Girl Twentiesh said...

I love it! I need to write from the "soloist" side- perhaps I'll reflect upon when boyfriends leave for the Out of Town Bachelor Party Weekend.