Friday, May 8, 2009

Personal Grooming in Public?

I've reflected on my last few weeks of posts and felt as if I were complaining a bit. But, as the title of this blog suggests, this is my horrible rotten no good very bad terrible twenties, and I feel my keen sense of awareness does justice in bringing out via cyber word the atrocities surrounding us. And, I no longer have a day job, thus copious amounts of time to reflect and gather.

Which brings me to an alarming break in social code: personal grooming in public.

Yesterday a dear friend was merely trying to spend her lunch hour in well tailored garment elation as she visited her friendly J Crew retailer at a local mall. However, as visions of pop candy cardigans danced in her head, she was abruptly snapped out of retail happiness and into a vision of disgusting magnitude- a woman FLOSSING HER TEETH while working a Proactive booth. Yes miss, please hand me the zit cream with a side of your plaque. Gross gross gross!

Never should one groom themselves in public, particularly when working. Has our society of blue jeans ($200 ones at that) become so lax that anything goes? Are we going to start allowing copulation in public too? I mean, do people simply not have enough time to groom themselves in the privacy of their bathroom that they must do so on public time? Suddenly the absence of a great public transportation system in my city sounds like an advantage. Commuting while the chick next to me puts Nair on her legs sounds very unappealing. 

If you're out their Proactive girl, listen up. I'd much rather notice a bit of lettuce in your teeth than watch you perform dental work while selling me personal facial products. Take it to the bathroom. When in question if it's appropriate in public by default means it's not!

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