Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weddings That Keep On Giving, and Giving

I was alerted to a new trend this past weekend, something I can honestly admit I've never heard of before. In fact, when my friend told me I was stunned speechless- not knowing whether to burst out laughing and make a smart ass comment or simmer in the sentimentality. 

For her Saturday plans, my friend was going to a "Relive Your Wedding Party" in which all former brides congregate with wedding albums, wedding videos, and other scraps of paraphernalia to share in reminiscing of each bride's glorious day in unison. Is this really a good idea? I see a potential recipe for disaster. 

As a professional wedding-goer myself, I know very well the intense scrutiny and perfection that goes into a wedding day. I know that for a year we pour over color swatches and paper choices and chair covers in hopes of piecing together the perfect jigsaw puzzle of The Wedding of The Century. Once the blessed day arrives and all unfolds...well...generally there are some after thoughts. In the days, weeks following the wedding day the bride has doubts, questions. Did that ice sculpture really look good? Should I have went with a cheesecake bar instead of passed cupcakes? Why didn't people dance to our third song? MAYBE THEY HATED MY WEDDING!?!?

You see where I'm going with this. 

So once six or so years have passed, I would think most would be content in their wedding day. But gather round with four neighbor ladies who had fathers pay with oil money for their weddings and I think something disastrous could happen. Suddenly your Vera Wang is dowdy and you're totally jealous over the Ralph Lauren Signature Collection the lady two doors down had. Then what happens? You go home and tell your husband you want a renewal of vows ceremony and you'll be flying to NYC to the Dolce & Gabbana store for a new dress. Oh, and you might as well decide its time to upgrade the bling on your ring.

So far, I haven't heard the aftermath. Perhaps they just drank wine, laughed, cried, and were done with it.

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