Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Girl, Her Ex-Boyfriend and Current Boyfriend Walk Into A Bar...

To the fearful and faint of heart, hanging out with an ex-boyfriend and having your current boyfriend come to meet you out would be a preposterous idea. I mean really. Can a scenario like this end in a conclusion not worthy of a Jerry Springer episode? But no, I did not cower at the impossible. I actually like my ex (well, this one anyway) and in my head believed my current boyfriend would like him too.

I did, however, not approach this out of complete "it's all about me" attitude. I thought about the situation had the tables been turned. Do I want to meet my boyfriend's ex girlfriends? Not one bit. I don't need to see the girl he dated for two years that never left empty shampoo bottles in the shower like I do. Do I need to see one of them looks like an exotic bikini model? No, no I do not. I am perfectly happy in my ignorance. But in my situation, this ex of mine was FOREVER ago. He had serious things and I had serious things after our relationship that placed a heavy curtain blocking our fuzzy past. Last summer he came as my beard date to half a dozen weddings. We talk in depth about internet dating and give each other advice. I think of girls to set him up  with.  With all this- I truly believed my ex and current could meet in harmony.

Did this happen?

Lets just say afterwards my boyfriend informed me that "my ex is cool and I have his blessing to keep him as my friend." Then, my ex emailed today telling me my "boyfriend seems really cool and hopefully we can get him on the broomball team." 

So this could turn into a Jerry Springer afterall! It's called: Left in Tears! Ex boyfriend and Current Boyfriend Run Off Together!

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