Saturday, June 27, 2009

In Dedication to Farrah

We are selfish beings. Day to day we live for ourselves, look in the mirror and wonder about all that we have and all that we can get. Our inner dialogue reigns our brain, leads our actions. We eat life up with hunger for gratification. The people in our lives, the instances that choreograph our every day, they all revolve around feeding our greedy mouths. This is the human nature. But once and awhile there are people who demonstrate complete love for others, who are different, who seem to be put on this earth so the rest of us can learn what "its all about."

This was my mother. 

This is not a sad blog. Not a sappy blog. But a sarcastic look at reality with the shade of humorous sunglasses. If you can't laugh at life's ridiculousness than you're doomed. But as the bully masks insecurity, the loud mouth masks something deeper. The sunglasses came off as I watched Farrah Fawcett's documentary on her struggle through cancer and was touched and thankful she could bring the memory of my mother back. I relived my past as Farrah's story unfolded mimicking the cancer story of my mother. And I felt ashamed for my own self despair, my own selfish pains. My mother fought to live not for herself but for others. I feel a loss for those who will never experience a person like her.

So, thank you mother and thank you Farrah for reminding me.

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