Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is Playboy Classy?

Recently it has been announced that fame whore Heidi Pratt from MTV's "The Hills" will be posing for Playboy. Shocker. Everything she does she is posing. The funny thing about this decision is she also claims to be the utmost devotee of Christian religion and often cites her chastity in the name of her God. Somehow Playboy and ardent religious follower don't mesh properly in my mind. When questioned, she insists she's "a new Christian, and that Playboy is classy."

Playboy is classy?

I have nothing wrong with magazines such as Playboy- art is certainly different to all. Uses of art are different to all. But I am willing to bet there is not one male that opens his monthly mag to exclaim of a naked lady lounging on satins sheets, "Wow, that's one classy lady!" Or a group of guys hanging around bring out the newest Playboy and discuss how along with GQ and Vanity Fair, they feel the mag brings classy culture into their lives. I am thinking the audience is looking at Playboy for an entirely different rationale. Which brings me to wonder the logic in little Miss Heidi's peroxide seeped brain. 

Men in the cyber audience- I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

I have no clue who this person is. But yeah, Playboy isn't really classy. Classier than some others though, I suppose. This gal sounds like she's rationalizing the magazine as if posing nude (or more) is a foregone conclusion.