Friday, July 10, 2009

I Hate Your Facebook Status

I do. I really do.

Facebook has become the gateway to dangerous behavior of over sharing. Suddenly things that were only privy to one's daydreaming are streamed endlessly for the world to see. Tidbits of thought fluttering through your mind as you open a door or take a sip of coffee. Really important things, like: Jamie is walking her dog. 

I. Don't. Care. Free speech wasn't invented so you could pronounce out loud every action you take. So like a robot you could record your life down to the millisecond. Free speech means if you have something to say, it better be good. You have the power to impress all of your closest 500 facebook friends with your intelligence, wit, thrilling adventures...and this precious gift given to you by some really frickn' lucky tech nerds is being largely used to tell us all something entirely too lame to even bother processing. Sometimes I feel my brain power actually diminishing as I scan through sentences supposed to reveal the inner workings of all my friends. I already have enough of crap information throwing up all over me each day, the last thing I need to know is how you're "feeling kind of sleepy and have a major craving to eat nacho chips." If I wanted to waste my energy thinking about tidbits of non-importance I'd make small talk at an organized singles happy hour. 

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